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Hinton & Finchley Revolution Football Club


Code of Conduct


We feel extremely proud that we have maintained decent standards of conduct throughout our club and have a very good reputation as a result. From experience, the correct conduct from players, managers and parents is the greatest platform to a successful season and beyond. We have a strict disciplinary procedure and heavy sanctions to anyone who brings our club into disrepute.





Call Us: If you won't be able to come to training or to a match, let us know as soon as possible. This will help us to re-organise the team.


Time Keeping: If you are running late to either training or a match ask your parents to call us. If you turn up late for a match you may be put on the bench.


Come Prepared:  Always turn up to matches in the correct kit, footwear and shin pads. No jewellery must be worn and chewing gum is not allowed. If you do not turn up in the correct kit you will not be able play.


Have Respect: You must play fair and by the rules of the game to help your team win. Treat opponents, team mates, officials and club mangers/coaches with respect. You will be disciplined if any disrespect is shown. Respect others and they will respect you.


Racism & Bullying: Will not be tolerated within the club. This will result in disciplinary action taken.  At no time should a player be disrespectful to another person or culture.


Responsibility:  Your coaches are here to help you with every aspect of your football experience. Always feel confident and comfortable to communicate with them about anything troubling you.     


HAVE FUN: We play football for fun so let's keep it that way. We will challenge you to improve as a player but it will always be in a fun environment.

Parents and Supporters


Let us Coach:  You have entrusted the care of your child to our coaches and they need to feel free to do their job. The job of motivating, training, setting goals and post match analysis can only be done by the coach. If others interfere with the process it can get confusing and                     performances can suffer. Your position is to cheer on your child and the team. It only becomes confusing to  your child if there are lots of different people telling  them what to do.


Correct behaviour:  Shouting and abusing match officials, opposition players and supporters is unacceptable behaviour and is not tolerated by the club. This will affect team moral. It will also damage the clubs reputation. It is more important that your child concentrates on the game and does not get distracted by inappropriate behaviour off the field of play.   

Help the team: Parent support is the biggest contributor to a successful club. Parents are encouraged to help out in any way a manager or coach requires both at training or at a match. Attending fundraising events and sourcing sponsorship are important ways you can help. 

Support our team:  Teamwork is essential. If any of the team are having a difficult match then all parents should endeavor to get behind the player and lift their confidence. Encourage your child to learn from others. Be your child's biggest fan no matter how your child plays on the pitch. Your support needs to remain unconditional.


Talk to us: If you have any questions or queries, please contact the coaches away from the pitch and not during the game. If any conflicts arise between you and the club they should never be bought up in front of players or spectators. All matters should be discussed in private between you and the coach.


Priorities: Help your child maintain their focus on their schoolwork, relationships and other things in life besides football.  Also if your child has made a commitment to football, help them fulfill their obligation to the team.   Emphasise the importance of development over winning.

Click here to read the Coaches Code of Conduct.

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