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How to Book

Payments are non refundable should your child miss a session.  Subject to availability your child may join the course after the start     date. 

Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed for the event.

All participants in our Camps and Clubs are required to comply by our Soccer Revolution Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

i. Behaviour to coaches: Soccer Revolution reserve the right to exclude any children behaving inappropriately or who break this code of conduct. Our coaches are experts in all sporting fields and have years of experience in delivering sports activities. They must be listened to and their instructions must be followed.
ii. HAVE FUN:  We play football and all sports for fun so let’s keep it that way. We will challenge you to improve as a player and will always attempt to help you reach your potential. This will always be in a fun environment.
iii. Come Prepared: Always turn up to sessions in the correct kit, footwear and shin pads. No jewellery must be worn and chewing gum is not allowed. If you do not turn up in the correct kit you will not be able play.

iv. Have Respect: You must try your hardest at all times. When playing matches you must play fair and by the rules of the game to help your team win. Treat opponents, team mates, coaches and assistants with respect. You will be disciplined if any disrespect is shown. Respect others and they will respect you.
v. Bullying & Racism: This will not be tolerated within the club.  This will result in disciplinary action taken.  At no time should a player be    disrespectful to another person or culture.
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